Do I have to replace the frames if my glassing is defective?

The glassing must be replaced if you find that the glass has broken or that there are simply cracks in the glassing. The window frames must be replaced if they are clearly in poor condition. CRH, a specialist in windows and doors in Jette, will advise you on the best option for you, depending on the circumstances.

Don’t hesitate to change a damaged window frame

If you notice rot in the window frame, it’s best not to wait for it to disintegrate. You could be forced to take urgent action. The same applies if you notice leaks around the window frame or condensation between the panes and the window frame.


Preserving the building’s energy performance.

Draughty windows are not only uncomfortable during the cold season, they also consume a lot of energy. If you’re noticing higher-than-usual energy bills, windows are the first thing to check in your home. Even if you have double glassing, the sash can create a thermal bridge that allows the cold in during the winter and the heat in during the heatwave! Replacing a poorly insulated window (frame and pane) is therefore a good investment, given energy prices. It’s also a plus in terms of comfort and protecting the planet.

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Keep a new window frame in good condition.

If your window frame is still in good condition, there’s no point in changing it, even if the glass is broken. It’s cheaper and more logical to replace only the broken pane and not the whole window, whenever possible! If you have several identical windows, you can preserve the overall harmony of your façade by not changing the sash.

In Jette, Brussels, Ganshoren and Ixelles, CRH, experts in windows and glassing, are at your service to replace defective glass or change an entire window. Contact them now!