Protect yourself against burglary!

Feel safe in your own home at all times? Not always easy. Unless you opt for hard-wearing PVC doors specially designed to effectively resist any burglary attempt. The good news is that this type of door is available from CRH. Our team can install them anywhere in Brussels and Walloon Brabant.

How do our PVC doors protect you from burglaries?

The Kömmerling PVC doors offered by CRH have a number of key advantages: they provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, are economical, easy to maintain, elegant and aesthetically pleasing… In addition, to considerably improve the corner strength and torsion resistance of the entrance door leaf, suitable welding inserts are also available. All our doors, especially our PVC doors, come with reinforced burglary protection. The optimum solution for a complete feeling of security.

Our PVC entrance doors are fitted with strong hinges and multi-point locks. All these features help prevent burglaries.

Entrance doors: security & burglar-proofing RC2

CRH Châssis & Portes in Jette (Brussels) specialises in fitting doors and frames in PVC, wood and aluminium. From burglar-proof doors to roller shutters, garage doors, window frames and windows, we take care of everything: measuring, fitting and complete installation.

In addition to burglary protection, the Kömmerling MD76 PVC door offers sleek design and long-term peace of mind with a 20-year guarantee.

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