Symbolising the transition from "outside to inside", the front door fulfils a number of roles

The primary function of your front door is, of course, to close off your home. But it also provides other services. Find out more from CRH, your entrance door specialist in Jette, Brussels and the whole Walloon Brabant!

The front door, an essential piece of equipment

When building a new home or carrying out renovation work, the choice of front door is crucial. It provides both protection and a real interface between the outside world and your home.

A beautiful front door to welcome your visitors

When you receive a visitor, your front door is their first impression of your home. It’s also the door that greets you when you return home each evening. So it has to match your taste and the image you want to project. PVC, wood or aluminium doors: all these materials offer countless possibilities for personalisation.

Effective protection against cold and noise

Even the sturdiest of doors can sometimes let the cold and noise from outside into your home! For an optimum comfort, it’s important to choose an entrance door that is both soundproof and insulating. Thanks to the properties of materials and technical innovations, made-to-measure doors in wood, aluminium and PVC meet this criterion perfectly.

The burglar-proof door to protect your home

Unfortunately, “visitors” can sometimes be malicious! An entrance door fitted with a burglar-proof locking system and solid hinges will ensure your safety. No door is completely inviolable. However, a burglar-resistant model will delay intrusion long enough to discourage most criminals!