Take benefit from the latest innovations in windows

Over the last twenty years or so, windows have undergone a number of technical developments. Today’s aluminium, wood and PVC frames are resistant, insulating and stylish! Discover all their advantages with CRH in Jette (Brussels).

Light, robust and durable frames.

Gone are the days when windows were heavy and difficult to handle! Today’s new windows are both light and strong. The design of PVC and aluminium frames means they can withstand the elements, temperature variations and UV rays without warping or changing their appearance. Wood, a living material, requires a little more maintenance. However, a good manufacturer of wooden window frames chooses highly resistant species to guarantee the durability of your windows.

Optimum thermal and acoustic insulation

Today’s windows are specially designed to provide excellent insulation against both cold and noise. Certain materials, such as wood, are natural insulators. What’s more, the technological design of window frames includes insulating layers that greatly reduce energy loss. This helps to improve your thermal comfort, reduce your heating bill and protect the planet. Noise from outside is also reduced, for your peace of mind.

Designer windows for every style of home

Worried that wood will look too rustic, or that aluminium frames will condemn you to an industrial style? But today’s windows come in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit your tastes and match your facade. You can also choose from a wide range of opening methods: single or double casement, tilt and turn, sliding… All of them feature glassing to let in as much light as possible.

CRH in Jette specialises in wood/aluminium/PVC window frames in Brussels and Walloon Brabant. Ask for your free quote now!