Tips on how to protect yourself from noise pollution with an anti-noise door

As a specialist in entrance doors and sliding doors, CRH is able to deal with the problem of noise pollution in the districts of Ixelles, Jette and Ganshoren. You can nevertheless take action thanks to our range of anti-noise doors, which can be installed as quickly as possible. There are a number of ways in which you can relax or work in peace.

Absolute comfort

Noise-isolating doors reduce the sound that passes through or escapes from your home by up to 75%. It’s essential to take your time and compare the products available on the market. Depending on your objectives, you’ll find the ideal door that meets your noise insulation criteria. This is the best thing to do if you have the budget to directly renovate your home with specifically designed doors.


Simple techniques

To improve the acoustic comfort of your home without changing your door, you can invest in an insulating door sweep, but also change the seals in your door frame. Different materials with different qualities are available. If your door is cracked, repair it. Take the opportunity to install acoustic panels or a thermal door curtain. Triple glassing is also an option to consider for an effective result.

If you’re tired of hearing doors banging in your building, or your front door is letting in too much noise from the street, you can make a reasonable investment in an acoustic door. Call one of our team at CRH to find out more about the different prices and installation times so that you can enjoy your home with complete peace of mind. Even if your child starts playing the drums his aunt gave him on his last birthday.