What criteria should you take into account when replacing your front door ?

Would you like to replace your front door with a more stylish and secure model, but don’t know how to choose? CRH, a company specialising in the installation of wooden, PVC and aluminium doors in Jette, will explain the specific features of each material.

Insulating Properties

PVC doors offer a good level of thermal insulation. Wooden models are renowned for their soundproofing and thermal insulation properties. Aluminium entrance doors have poor insulating properties. If you prefer aluminium, choose a model with a thermal break, which guarantees high-performance insulation.


Aluminium and PVC doors require very little maintenance. A little hot water and soap is all you need to clean them after removing the dust. Keeping a wooden front door in perfect condition is more demanding. Every 5 to 10 years, it’s advisable to sand the door and then apply wood stain or paint.


PVC doors generally come in a limited number of colours. Its advantage lies in its good value for money. Aluminium entrance doors are contemporary and stylish. You can choose from a wide range of colours and cut-outs. Wooden doors are warm and elegant. You can choose it in classic shades or painted in original colours.

With one or two leaves, the entrance door can be solid, semi-glassed or glassed.


A PVC door offers a lower level of security than an aluminium door. Wooden doors have a very variable level of security, depending on the quality of the door and the thickness of the wood.

The security of an entrance door also depends on the quality of its hinges and the number of points on the lock.

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