Discover the acoustic insulation of our windows and doors

Noise is one of the most common nuisances in the home. By adding soundproofing to your windows, you can improve their acoustic insulation. CRH can advise you on how to make your life more comfortable!

Noise, a widespread nuisance

More than half the population suffers from noise. Noise pollution is mainly caused by transport (roads, railways, airports). If you live in an urban area, near a railway line or Brussels-Zaventem airport, you’re probably affected! Even if you think you’re used to it, the quality of your sleep may be affected by these repeated noise attacks. Fatigue and irritability are the result.

Replacing the glassing in your windows will allow you to regain your peace and quiet without having to move house, especially if you choose glass with sufficient soundproofing performance.

Not all glassing is created equal!

The noise reduction caused by single glassing is less important for the lowest sounds, which are barely perceptible to the human ear, but also for those reaching a so-called critical frequency. When this critical frequency is reached, the noise increases and you feel it inside your home. It is possible to avoid the discomfort caused by this critical frequency by using special laminated glass, known as “silence”, which absorbs the noise.

Using standard symmetrical double glassing paradoxically increases the impact of the critical frequency, as the air between the two panes acts like a spring. This unpleasant effect can be reduced with asymmetrical double glassing, and completely cancelled out with special “silent” laminated asymmetrical double glassing.

The quality of your home’s sound insulation is therefore highly dependent on the frames and glassing used. The specialists at CRH can advise you in Brussels, Jette and Walloon Brabant on choosing the best solution.

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