Window insulation: which subsidies are available in Brussels?

Did you know that poorly insulated windows are responsible for 10-15% of heat loss? Fortunately, the Brussels-Capital Region offers a range of grants and financial support to help you renovate your windows without having to empty your savings. Would you like to finance up to 50% of the cost of your energy work? CRH, your specialist in doors, windows and frames in Jette, can help you find out more about the Rénolution grant.

The Renovation Allowance, a welcome boost for your renovation work

Since 1 January 2022, the Brussels government has brought together under a single name the Energy Allowance, the Renovation and Housing Allowance and the Façade Enhancement Allowance. A year ago, the Rénolution Grant was born, with the stated aim of facilitating access to renovation for all Brussels residents, especially those on low incomes. In 2023, almost €53 million will be allocated to the Rénolution Grant, a budget increase of 50% compared with 2019.

3 Brussels grants for doors and windows that keep you warm

In Brussels, not one, but 3 grants are available for renovating or replacing your doors, windows and frames. The Door and Window Replacement premium, the Window Repair and Adaptation premium and the Door Repair premium. The Door and Window Replacement premium. This allows you to install or replace window frames, glassing and shop windows, as well as carriage and garage doors. Can you go from single glassing to double or triple glassing without breaking your piggy bank? It’s perfectly feasible with this bonus, designed to improve the insulation of your windows. The door installation and repair allowance is available to both private individuals and professionals for all buildings in the Brussels-Capital Region. Depending on your income bracket and the materials used for the window frames, you can benefit from a grant of between €40/m2 and €140/m2.

The Window Repair and Adaptation grant

helps to improve the technical and acoustic performance of glassing or frames. It is granted for the repair and adaptation of existing windows (except PVC windows) and requires the compulsory installation of double or triple glassing. Depending on your income, you can benefit from a grant ranging from €130/m2 of windows to €260/m2 of windows. The only condition is that your building must be located in the Brussels region and be more than 10 years old.


The Door Repair bonus is available for repairs to all exterior doors made of wood or metal. An acoustic door bonus is even granted for solid, heavy entrance doors. The amount of the Door Repair allowance varies between €90/m2 of door and €180/m2 of door.

Feelings of cold or damp, the appearance of mould or condensation, acoustic discomfort – there are 1001 reasons to have your doors, windows and frames renovated. Brussels-Capital Region grants reduce the cost of your work. They enable you to live in a home that is more energy-efficient and healthier. For all your conversion and renovation work in Brussels, you can count on CRH. Our technical expertise, professionalism and responsiveness enable us to meet all your glassing and joinery installation requirements, even the most demanding. We look forward to hearing from you!